Marketing and advertising translations

Thanks to the marketing expertise of our translators, we can convey your company’s identity

Marketing and advertising translations


Translating for marketing purposes

In the fields of communication and advertising, the linguists must convey a company’s values. Their translations must be true to the original texts, but must also appeal to the target audiences.

In certain cases, this can mean transcreation, which involves reformulating the content (most often a catch line or slogan), rather than just translating it. Our translation and interpreting agency works with many translators specialising in marketing and communication translations, who can play with words and successfully convey the image of a company and its products.

domaine marketing traduction

Marketing documents

We translate many types of communication documents, including:

  1. product descriptions
  2. press releases
  3. advertising campaigns
  4. brochures
  5. in-house presentations

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