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Expert translators

The term “expert” refers exclusively to a person. An expert is a person who has sworn an oath, which means that the term “expert” cannot be applied to a translation. As such, this term is often used incorrectly.

Any document issued by an official authority is considered to be authentic. Its translation is therefore performed by an expert translator and it can then be recognised by the authorities as having the same authentic nature as the original document.


Obtaining a quote for an official translation

  1. send your document in PDF format or scanned, by e-mail to arrowtrad[@]bluewin[.]ch
  2. indicate the target language for the translation of your document, and the destination country
  3. indicate whether or not you would like us to look after having the document notarized 

Your official documents

Arrow Traduction will provide you with a quote and time limit as quickly as possible.

If you proceed with the order, the translation will be performed by the deadline indicated in our quote, under conditions of the strictest possible confidentiality. We will provide a digital PDF version, as well as an original intended for the authorities.

Our services for official translations are based on Swiss standards. However, we can also provide you with information for any request for translations and interpreting services intended for another country, necessary steps, etc.

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