Legal translation

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Legal translation


Translating in the legal field

We translate all of your legal documents while ensuring confidentiality. Many companies, law firms and individuals trust us for the translation of their legal documents.

Legal translations are performed by translators specialising in this field, and who have excellent knowledge of national and international law. Contracts, laws, draft laws and so on are translated by specialised translators.

The adjective “legal” refers to anything relating to or complying with the law and its practices, or that involves the courts.

Our legal translation agency in Switzerland offers the services of a professional translator.

Official translations

Certified translators are available to carry out your official translations, that can be submitted to Swiss or international institutions.

Arrow Traduction offers certified translations of legal texts, but also of pharmaceutical documents such as marketing authorisation applications, clinical studies, leaflets, etc.

The Arrow Traduction certified translations are sent by e-mail in PDF format, with the originals sent by postal mail. If you wish, Arrow Traduction can have your document notarized, or arrange for its apostille certification. You therefore receive a “turnkey” translation that can be submitted to any national or international institution.

Arrow Traduction places the expertise and know-how of its translators in the service of notaries, lawyers, bailiffs, as well as the legal departments of major companies.

Our translation agency can offer an appropriate solution according to the destination of your document, to ensure that it perfectly meets the requirements of the destination country’s authorities.

Arrow Traduction is managed by a sworn expert translator, officially approved by the Public ministry of the Canton of Vaud. Our translators are selected with the greatest care.


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Legal documents

Overview of the types of documents that we translate:

  1. articles of association
  2. contracts
  3. permits and licences
  4. insurance certificates
  5. decisions, powers of attorney, all documents that may be submitted in court, etc.


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