Technical translation

A vast domain, accurate translations

Technical translation

Translating in technical domains

We translate and review technical documents of different types and in varying domains. Technical translating takes in very varied domains.

In addition to working with translators specialising in these fields, we also work with the terminology of the company ordering the translation. For a correct translation but also one that perfectly aligns with the company’s values and vision.

Our customers provide us with requests for translations in the following domains:

  1. aerospace
  2. agri-food
  3. automation
  4. automotive
  5. building and public works
  6. electronics
  7. electro-technical
  1. energies
  2. hydraulics
  3. information technology
  4. maritime
  5. measurement and control
  6. mechanics
  7. metallurgy
  1. packing and packaging
  2. security
  3. telecommunications
  4. textiles and clothing
  5. transportation
  6. etc.


icône traduction domaine technique

Technical documents

Our customers trust us for their technical translations of various types, including:

  1. work protocols
  2. instructions
  3. presentation brochures
  4. technical specifications

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