Sworn translators

In Switzerland, you can turn to sworn translators for the translation of your official documents

Sworn translators

A sworn and/or official translator must be competent in at least the following three domains:

  1. The law: familiarity with the legal systems of the source and target languages, grasp of legal terms in the target language, and notably international law.
  2. Linguistics: familiarity with one or more foreign languages (source language) and perfect familiarity with one’s native language, known as the target language.
  3. Translation: expertise with translation techniques in order to be able to translate texts without modifying the form or content, which requires analytical skills, rigour and accuracy.

Sworn and/or official translators provide written translations with accuracy and integrity. They ensure the implementation and compliance with regulations and directives regarding translations for institutions, working from a source language into a target language, i.e. their native language.

Translations of official documents can only be performed from original documents or copies certified as true by a Swiss public official.

The presentation of the translations is always true to the original.


Sworn and/or official translators meet the needs:

  1. of the Public ministry (criminal matters)
  2. of the Police (matters involving public safety)
  3. of legal professionals (lawyers, notaries, bailiffs, etc.)
  4. of companies for commercial and legal documents (contracts, articles of association, business registration excerpts, powers of attorney, patents, etc.)
  5. of services involved in civil law and circulation, as well as individuals (birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce agreements and contracts, leases, residency certifications, immigration, emigration and naturalization documents, police records, identity cards, passports and visa certificates, educational certificates, university diplomas, etc.)

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