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Arrow Traduction: choosing expert translators


Do you need a translation? Take aim and entrust your projects to Arrow Traduction and to our expert translators in Switzerland.

Your satisfaction is assured, as we offer quality translations in all domains, with a great range of available language combinations. We target customer service. An experienced project manager looks after the seamless completion of your projects. The latest technologies are used to ensure the correct performance of our services.

  1. All of our translators are experienced and qualified, working only into their native language.
  2. Each project is proofread by a second translator. The final page layout is checked by the project manager.
  3. Each project is entrusted to the most appropriate expert translators, under the supervision of our project manager.
  4. We provide translations at attractive and competitive prices.
  5. We make every effort to ensure that your deadlines are met.


Tools used

  1. efficient translation memories, suited to each project
  2. specific databases, dictionaries and specialised works, glossaries
  3. character recognition software
  4. secure transfer platform for large files
  5. decompression tool
  6. high-performance project management tool

icône langues étrangères

Types of documents

  1. contracts, legal decisions, meeting minutes
  2. user manuals
  3. technical datasheets
  4. product presentations
  5. in-house magazines
  6. advertising and tourism brochures
  7. financial statements
  8. clinical studies
  9. security and quality control documentation
  10. literary or scientific works

Responsiveness, reliability and confidentiality are the building blocks of Arrow Traduction

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  1. A quote is prepared within no more than 24 hours. Contact us by e-mail or telephone.
  2. We adhere to the agreed deadlines.
  3. For all languages, you have a single contact person.
  4. We use a single interface to manage projects from A to Z

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  1. All of our language partners are subject to professional secrecy.
  2. Our premises are fully secured, such as to ensure confidentiality. We also use encryption, and secure data transmission.
  3. Data are stored in a remote server located in Switzerland.
  4. To guarantee the discretion of your translations, we are willing to sign a confidentiality commitment with our partners.

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  1. We offer a fair and competitive rate according to the specifics of the translation or interpreting mission.
  2. We have a reliable network of specialised and professional translators and interpreters.
  3. Our translation, interpreting and project management tools are at the cutting-edge of technology.
  4. Translations are systematically reviewed by our in-house proofreaders.

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